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Friday, February 6, 2009


Poverty and pollution-the worst mix of problem my country has. We were conducting our sampling for water analysis this morning, assesing the impact/s of water pollution to the marine environment, as a completion for our subjects marine toxicology laboratory and marine pollution laboratory. We asked two kids to go down the creek and obtain some water samples for us, which they willingly do so. They walk around in the creek as if they're walking on normal ground. Not realizing the danger that lurks in the black waters. It kinda make me realize that poverty is the main reason why they agreed in helping us. Ironicaly thanks to poverty we didn't have to go down and do the dirty jobs ourselves. Ofcourse we have paid them. 160 php each. We followed the creek until we reached the coastal area. We felt a bit sad and disappointed, because the residents greatly contributed to the pollution. They don't even mind if their place stink with garbage and dead animals. Our natural environment is put into jeopardy in pursuing urban development. I hope the government would take action into this. I'm not saying that this responsibilty relies on the government alone, but it's our duty as individuals and as care taker of our home, the earth. SAVE THE EARTH


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