Sometimes losing yourself is one way of finding it. does it make sense?

Sunday, January 31, 2010

What happened to me these past few months

It's been a while since I updated this blog. A lot of things happened since then, let me start by telling you, that I have been kicked out of my dormitory in Iligan cause I wasn't able to pay the rent for 5 months. They took all my clothes and belongings. I borrowed money from my sister and immediately went to cebu.
life is tough, I realized I only have myself to lean on and if I don't find a job, I will starve to death. Lols. so, I applied a job with different call centers, and have been rejected a couple of times. whew. Finally I got accepted at Qualfon Contact Center Services.

Slowly, I was able to pay my sister the money that I owe her and start having a life again. I have made new friends in the company.

Anyways, my contract just ended on january 30, 2010 and I'm back from the start again. I'll be posting updates later. >.<

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