Sometimes losing yourself is one way of finding it. does it make sense?

Saturday, February 28, 2009


I wanna try out being a cosplayer! i've searched a few costumes in the internet and so far i like this one the most. I kinda like the hollow mask too it goes very well with the ichigo bankai outfit!! hehee..wish i could wear it this prom..But i'm still planning to buy it..if i have enough money..sigh!

Tuesday, February 24, 2009


One of my favorite animated series deathnote, is going to be adapted by the hollywood industry. and guess who's rumored to play kira? yeah that's right Zac efron from the hit Highschool Musical. Critics say that he's too happy to play as Kira. Some say he looks like kira and yeah he does i think he suits the character! I wonder how the disney fans would react? seeing Zac as a mass murderer?? haha..The movie is gonna be great! haha..Deathnote musical! can't wait!

Monday, February 23, 2009


I took my PADI licensure test two years ago with my co-majors under dive master Renoir Abrea. The test was basically about skills you need to execute during diving sessions. like what to do in case of you ran out of air, rescuing skills,swimming tests, and lots of hand signals memorization. Practices are done on swimming pools but the actual evaluation is on the open water.he experience was overwhelming, seeing the underwater world and breathing underwater! I passed the open water examination! and I'm planning to do advance diving and hopefully become a dive master myself! T Can't wait for the next diving experience! wooohhh!


It has always been my hobby to draw ever since i was a kid. and ofcourse I have improved since then. This is one of my favorite drawings. It's from a hit online game RAGNAROK. I don't really play the game but i decided to draw it nevertheless. I draw it on a whole cartolina paper..hehe..I used pastels as coloring materials...Sorry, the image is not that good since i only have my camera phone. Thanks and please comment.

Friday, February 20, 2009


I learned about this when I was in highschool. My friends used to do this so I asked them to teach me. Hehe..It's kinda like Origami (Japanese art of paper folding) but this time we're going to do this with a hanky. Here are the steps in creating a masterpeice!! It's actually very simple Lol.

First is fold your hanky to about one fourth of it's size like the picture below

Fold the two upper corner so that it will look like this

Then fold the pointed upper part like in the picture

Then roll both sides of the upper diagonal corner towards the center.

Also roll each sides towards the center.

When you have finished rolling all the sides it will look like this.

Then turn the hanky around...tuck in the extra fabric...

...and TADAAANNNN!!! you have your very own origami

P.S. This is not an adult content. This is Art..peace!

Thursday, February 19, 2009


yey! after a little while my application has been granted. But I still have lots of quesrtions since i'm new to this. I've got to do a little more reading. Can anyone out there help me answer these questions? It'll be appreciated thank you!

What are channels?

What are feeds?

How do I increase my traffic?

Wednesday, February 11, 2009


Anyone, Please take me out on a date? LOL

It's Valentine's day and I don't have any plans. What a boring day..sigh..


Photo by Karen Diarta

It's been raining quite a lot lately. When I was young I used to take baths under the rain, run around and play. I like the feeling that the rain brought. It makes my world come to a hault to just relax and chill. Everything seems so slow and hibernating. Like in a lucid dream. It kinda gives you a refreshment, calming and relaxing effect. I don't know but for some reason rain seems mysterious to me.

The rain is like little kisses from heaven.
The rain connects us all.
The rain symbolizes joy...

When I'm under the rain, letting go is easy. Rain just washes away my worries...


Done after 20 minutes or so.

I saw a video on youtube regarding tutorials for drawing on MS paint. I love drawing and tried to have it on MS paint. and here's the result. It's almost like an original drawing of sasuke, like my friends would say. But if you look closely you can see the difference. The eye sharingan is a little weird and the head protector's kinda off. Hope you like it.

Monday, February 9, 2009


WTF! Why is this happening to me.?? What have I done to deserve this??

I was working overnight last night editing my scientific paper. I was really relieved when I almost finished it. At 5am i finally take my rest and decided to finalize it when I wake up. I woke up about 1pm this day. I opened the file and to my horror, IT WAS CORRUPTED!!! Even my back up file was corrupted!! Fucking shit!!! It's like living in a nightmare, only THIS ONE IS REAL!! I worked my ass off overnight just to have my file corrupted???? huhu..I don't know what to do...I'll have to start again..God please help me...*sniff sniff*...

Sunday, February 8, 2009


huhu..somebody please help. I still have a paper to do regarding our water analyis project. The worst part is it has to be submitted tommorrow!!!!! WTF! I'm such a lazy bum!....Hate Myself...I have been doing overnights for two consecutive nights and I haven't done anything!! LOL...Please help me God...hehehe...

Friday, February 6, 2009


I was having a hard time deciding weither i should cut my hair or not. I kinda liked having longer hair, but i realized it's better if i should have a short hair. Just to keep my hair out of my face. No more bangs for me!..Yey!.


Poverty and pollution-the worst mix of problem my country has. We were conducting our sampling for water analysis this morning, assesing the impact/s of water pollution to the marine environment, as a completion for our subjects marine toxicology laboratory and marine pollution laboratory. We asked two kids to go down the creek and obtain some water samples for us, which they willingly do so. They walk around in the creek as if they're walking on normal ground. Not realizing the danger that lurks in the black waters. It kinda make me realize that poverty is the main reason why they agreed in helping us. Ironicaly thanks to poverty we didn't have to go down and do the dirty jobs ourselves. Ofcourse we have paid them. 160 php each. We followed the creek until we reached the coastal area. We felt a bit sad and disappointed, because the residents greatly contributed to the pollution. They don't even mind if their place stink with garbage and dead animals. Our natural environment is put into jeopardy in pursuing urban development. I hope the government would take action into this. I'm not saying that this responsibilty relies on the government alone, but it's our duty as individuals and as care taker of our home, the earth. SAVE THE EARTH


Shit! It's broken but it still can play songs so i guess it's ok. What i mean with broken is that it sometimes cannot be detected by the computer. Don't know what's the problem. There was also this one time when i was listening into it, the tracks just skipped off as if it's a heavily scratched cd! What's up with that? My conclusion is that don't buy pirated stuffs! Yes they're way cheaper than the original but quality is much more important than the price. Hahay..I gotta buy a new one. Haha but i'll try to do that later, that's not my priority for now. I don't even have the money LOL.


Ok, maybe not really open but half open. You can still say the white part of his eyes when he's sleeping. I asked my other roomate, jun if it is a disorder or a symptom for underlying sickness. But he said no, that's just the way he sleeps. He cannot close his eyes because his eyeballs are too big for his eyelids. Haha..that really made me laugh. But after a while, i kinda realize that what he said may be true. He has big eyes, that's for sure..hehe


This is my painting which i painted just before christmas vacation. I was feeling bored and it came into my mind. Hey why not paint? I haven't painted for a while so that just kinda refreshed my hobby. But it's still unfinished. I didn't find time to finish it yet. But i will, someday.... I wanna lie under the starry sky..Just like my painting.


Me and farrah applied for full scholarship in 2d animation a couple of weeks ago at iligan computer institute. We both love to draw japanese cartoons and wanted to pursue our dream as an animator. So, we took the examination. And we did it! We waited for the result in about three days and we got text messages saying we got accepted! So, we rushed to ICI the next day to avail the program. We're planning to take the course maybe this month, summer or maybe next semester. If i graduate, i can take it this summer since i don't have classes anymore. If i don't graduate this march, i still cant take it coz i only have my thesis so i still have lots of vacant time. I hope my sister would support me in this. Hello? It's a full-scholarship and it's a one-year only program!

Thursday, February 5, 2009


by Antoine De Saint-Exupery
Call me childish but I don't give a damn. The little prince has touched me in different ways. *sniff sniff * This is certainly one of the best books I've ever read. I like it because it reminded me of my childhood when things are simple and less complicated. Here are some of my favorite lines: The little prince talking about what's truly serious. LOVE.

On my planet, there's a flower

Like no other in the sky

You might think she's vain and cruel

If you look with grown up eye

But I love her and I worry

When she's out of dome

Less the sheep might crash her petals

In his greedy joy

If a flower is loved by someone

If that someone is a boy

He will watch the stars at midnight

He'll look up and laugh with joy

If his flower has been taken

Stars will flee the sky

Then he will see the blackness

and he'll cry...and so will I.. that's serious


I was writing my previous post when my friend Mich texted me and invited me over for lunch. Perfect timing because I am on a financial crisis. Hehe...Thanks!! Hoping for more treats to come. I love free meals..hehe..


Yey! The long wait is over! Mystery band's debut cover is out! This is the first ever video from the mystery band. (haha can anything be cornier than the band's name? ) we have ryan for vocals, mac euan on guitar and edmar as someone useless at the side. Haha..The site was in linamon, when mac euan had his thesis sampling. We took it during our break. One afternoon of acoustic jamming! The cover is entitled your guardian angel by the red jumpsuit apparatus. Sorry for the resolution of the video. We had only our cellphone camera to catch this funny moment. We were really planning to make a serious career out of it. I mean seriously. Hope you enjoy.


We call ourselves group 1. Joefhel, earl, ann, neptune, novem, tin-tin, karen, mai-mai and me. We were so close back then. We officialy called ourselves group one when we were in ilo-ilo on a fieldtrip. We hang out everyday like there was no tomorrow. Yes, we had a few bumps on the road every once in a while but we made it through. We even had a group one day. On september 19, where we had dinner. But not until last year. Everyone just kinda forgot everything we had. Nobody bothered to send a text greeting. Hey happy group one day! Not even a single text. People really do change, nothing is fixed, everything changes. Your friends now may not be by yourside tomorrow. No matter how close you are, time will come when people tend to get busy and lost contact. It's such a sad realization but that's a fact of life. Nothing is permanent! We may have traveled our own separate ways but i hope we find time to stay in touch. But nevertheless i thank god for having shared those precious moments with you. It was really a highlight of my college life...THANK YOU!

Wednesday, February 4, 2009


I bought my first guitar a year ago for about 900 php! That was the first time I started to learn playing it. Althought I'm not that good until now..hehe..hey I can play a few songs. Hey there delilah was the first song I ever learned. I had my friend Karen taught me how to read tabs and I downloaded the tab from the internet. I was inspired by watching other people play. How can they be so good at it? Pressing those strings accurately?..I still have a long way to go before I master it. Hehe...I guess it's jealousy that motivated me, but it's a good motivation nevertheless.


Gggggrrrr.....I better hide my elmo. Someone wants to steal it from me. who? who else kundi si ROLLAN!..he kidnapped it three times already..and I had to search for it everytime. Fortunately, I was able to find it underneath his bed. But my patience is running out ROLLAN no more Mr. NICE GUY. So, better watch out. I might have to kill you next time. hehe...YES, i will kill for my ELMO.


We celebrated again Bebot's(my dormate) birthday lastnigt. hmmmm..18 nka bot noh? I even forgot his exact birthday..hehe..PEACE! We had drinking sessions, just a case of redhorse to go along with the "bluff-bluff" game!. Thanks Rollan sa panlibre. One of the nights that i'm going to look back at my stay in Padre Pio's dormitory. Can' t wait for another overnight fun!..


Ladies and gentlemen! From the Philippines 16-years old International singing sensation! Please help me welcome CHARICE PEMPENGCO! Ooooppps! lol! no she's not charice..she's just someone who looks like charice. Her name is Kate, she really does look like charice with her huge cheeks (bubbly face? haha)..hehe...She also sing and plays the guitar well..heehee...Look! she's even wearing my cowboy hat!..:)) Go charice! thank you for making us proud.
Standing Ovation!

What's there to look forward to?

Hahay..I'm about to graduate from college. But why do I feel depressed?..maybe because I have to work my ass off to finish my thesis, or is it because I feel sad to move on to a new chapter? A chapter with no school, am I ready for that? Being independent and earning for myself?...I dont know. College is really the best phase of my life. The best but temporary, unstable and changing. Just wanna savour the days til my college life is over. I'll miss everything about college. Goodbyes are really the most painful part of it. Ggggrrrrr...! :'(

A New Start

Huhu I can't access my old blog account. But it's ok, there's nothing there anyway, it's completely empty. I haven't got much to say, I just woke. My head still hurts, I have a hangover from last night..haha..Happy birthday again to my Dormate BEBOT!...

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