Sometimes losing yourself is one way of finding it. does it make sense?

Thursday, February 5, 2009


by Antoine De Saint-Exupery
Call me childish but I don't give a damn. The little prince has touched me in different ways. *sniff sniff * This is certainly one of the best books I've ever read. I like it because it reminded me of my childhood when things are simple and less complicated. Here are some of my favorite lines: The little prince talking about what's truly serious. LOVE.

On my planet, there's a flower

Like no other in the sky

You might think she's vain and cruel

If you look with grown up eye

But I love her and I worry

When she's out of dome

Less the sheep might crash her petals

In his greedy joy

If a flower is loved by someone

If that someone is a boy

He will watch the stars at midnight

He'll look up and laugh with joy

If his flower has been taken

Stars will flee the sky

Then he will see the blackness

and he'll cry...and so will I.. that's serious


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