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Sunday, March 8, 2009


"Poetry reformed. Poetry reformed." this was what the IPAG director (forgot his name) said on the opening of TULA TUGMA SA SAYAW AT DULA.

I was suppose to watch the play last friday night at 7:30, but because of my laziness I arrived at the mini theater around 8. The door was already locked and the usher told me, that I have to watch it the following night with a reminder to not be late or else I'll be locked out again. I was a little pissed and mumbling to myself. ("Do you know why there are so many people watching your show? It's because english teachers have made it compulsory for students to watch the show, If not because of the teachers no one would watch it").

Since it is compulsory I attended the following night. The aura of venue changed amy mood and my perception about the show. The venue was interesting filled with actors and actresses in different characters. A young poet on the show (again I forgot her name) also shared her views about being a poet. A little extra keenness in life is what makes a poet. Experience is the key. She also mentioned that in poetry when you throw a poem to a reading public, people tend to create their own interpretation of the poem and with that a poem grow. Some interpretations may even be different from what the poet intended. Every interpretation is correct as long as you have the basis for it.
I began to understand Poetry in a different sight. I have always regarded myself as an artist but at that night I realized that my understanding about art is only on the surface level. I've learned a lot by watching the show and finally said to myself I'm glad I watched it.


ishi said...

hey tga iligan.. maging proud tlga sa IPAG..heheh..
exchange link tau, juz tell me if na add nq nimu ha kay add pud tka..thanks..

nice blog! ;-)

jeLai said...

hey there! tga IIT ka?

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